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a celebration in spring

June 22, 2019

Photography by KSANA

For Shaun and I, we wanted our wedding celebration to be centered around 2 things: our commitment to have God always in the centre of our relationship and for it to be a celebration of the family bonds and friendships – intangibles that you can’t see with your eyes, but only felt with the heart

Two cities hold a special place to us, Tokyo and London. Not surprisingly, we got engaged in Tokyo in spring, and had our engagement shoot on the cobbled streets of London in spring.

The design concept for our wedding was centred around Hanami. The Fleurapy team encapsulated all of that in a hanging Sakura structure, like petals caught in movement, delicate and magical. It hung mid air above us as we danced crazily into the night. Inspired by our gospel passage, a triangle arch was created as our backdrop, to signify our desire for God to always be in the centre of our relationship. The result as ethereal, dreamy with a touch of English sensibility/countryside?

-Jia aka Fleurapist

June 22, 2019