• Sisi & Gena

    Working with this couple was an absolute blast. From our first meeting, we could sense that they were a fun-loving couple who’s game for anything. We’d asked them to each send us a “love letter” describing their relationship till their proposal.

    We found out that Sisi had taken on salsa dancing under Gena’s influence, and that he had proposed to her on top of a hill overlooking Prague’s cityscape. He had decorated a cosy corner on the hill with sandwiches, fruits and wine, with a photo of them on a stone wall. We then decided to translate this into a backdrop for their wedding at Nosh.

    Consisting of embroidery hoops to form a continuous circular structure, we covered some of these hoops with different fabric like tulle and patterned lace that exuded texture . We had also cut out silhouettes of dance, wine and food – icons of their love story – to incorporate them into the backdrop.

    Going for a romantic and garden party vibe, we had also styled their guest tables with simple bottles of loose flowers, and scented candles for an elegant finish.


    Photo Credits: Ksana Ting

    Date: 7 October 2017

    Venue: Nosh

    Posted by pauline on Thursday, 5th July 2018

    Date: July 2018

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