• Park Bench Deli

    We were tasked to transform the glass tank in Park Bench Deli‘s open-concept kitchen into a “giant terrarium”. Just like the flavours and ingredients used in PBD’s sandwiches, we started looking into plants that would reflect their personality – bold, prominent, strong and very interesting.

    We also worked closely with PBD’s branding agency, Foreign Policy Design Group to design this terrarium.

    Taking cue from PBD’s blend of ingredients from the East and West, the terrarium is created to reflect the a blend of nature and the city – a concrete jungle featuring man-made city elements and lush tropical greens. We put in squiggly yellow wall-paint to serve as a fresh backdrop to the shorter plants, and created 3D-printed geometric wall planters to house droopy vines.

    Posted by pauline on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

    Date: September 2015

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