• Little Island Brewing Co

    This all started out when our venue friends, Little Island Brewing Co (LIBC), approached us with the opportunity of creating a lookbook for their wedding parties. We wanted the looks to take cue completely from the interior and exterior design of the venue. We felt that by doing this, it could perhaps inspire couples who are looking at potential wedding venues, to consider whether the personality traits of the venues are in line with their personalities!

    The two looks came about when we were brainstorming over a beer at LIBC. We thought we’d create a look that’s tropical and sunny (which matches the outdoors perfectly), and another one that’s industrial and almost scientific, to pair with the steely indoors.

    For the ‘Tropical Boho’ look, we were going for the personality traits of carefree and fun. The design touches that we put in there to bring out those traits were cute tropical fruits such as dragonfruit, starfruit and pineapple. The use of tropical leaves in the arrangements were used to bring out that beachside vibe.

    For the ‘Industrial Chic’ look, we were going for personality traits of cool and edgy. We felt that metal touches and glass that have clean lines would help bring that out. We managed to get 2 bricks from our friend in the construction line. Being construction noobs, we were taken aback by how heavy and rough it was, but that’s when we knew we’d hit the Industrial Chic checkbox!


    Photo Partner: Bloc Memoire Photography

    Outfit Partner: Caramel & Co

    Make Up Partner: Tangyong Make Up

    Stationery Partner: Wedrock Weddings

    Venue Partner: Little Island Brewing Co

    Model Couple: Greg & Gen

    Date: 18 May 2017

    Posted by pauline on Thursday, 5th July 2018

    Date: July 2018

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