• Josh & Krys

    We’ve known Josh and Krys for a while now. Not only do they make a handsome couple, they are also 100% cool and hip(ster). It was so much fun bringing their dream of a rustic wedding to life. Working with lots of foliage, pastel-hued flowers, and hand-painting on woody textures allowed us to create a relaxing and comfortable vibe – just like a cafe filled with interesting collectibles!

    The icing on the cake was having the company of their lovely friends and family who all chipped in to make the day absolutely flawless. From contributing props for us to work with, to impromptu collaborations on their photo backdrop, it was one hell of a team effort!

    Photo Credit: Super Panda Presents

    Posted by pauline on Tuesday, 2nd February 2016

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    Date: February 2016

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