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spirited explorers

April 27, 2019

Photography by Bloc Memoire Photography

Suwan and Jean-Francois captured us with their zest for life. We were thrilled when their sense of adventure extended to their dream of a unique wedding backdrop. 

Describing themselves as “two peas in two different pods” did not stop Suwan and JF from beginning a lifetime of adventure together. Having shared diverse travel experiences- from numerous road trips in Japan to getting engaged in Camargue in the south of France, each place held a different kind of special in their hearts.

The Glasshouse at Andaz Hotel, with its high ceilings and ample natural lighting, proved to be the perfect canvas for their wedding installation. We embarked on creating an abstraction of their contrasting personalities and their spirit of exploration.

Keeping things classy, the final outcome was a snaking waterfall of foliage that transits from wintery hues to a splash of warmer colours as it heads to the bottom.

April 27, 2019