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whiff of adventure

November 19, 2016

Photography by Embrace Pictures
Videography by Simple Motion

It’s easy to get carried away in mindless details when you’re planning your wedding. All the more so because we’ve come from such different family backgrounds culturally speaking, Hans and I felt it was meaningful and important for our friends and family to come together to commemorate our shared journey and to wish us well as we began our next chapter. Secondly, we wanted to share our mutual love and awe of nature and life.

There were seven virtues that we wanted to be graced with in our marriage – Patience, Courage, Laughter, Humility, Wisdom, Spirit of Adventure and Trust. The Fleurapy team translated those virtues into floral exhibits that were displayed at our church ceremony where we asked our guests to lift them up in prayer for us. The church aisle was transformed into a vision of summer with its explosion of colours. Many of our guests even remarked at the scent of flowers that greeted them when they entered the church.

Finally, as a wedding favour and activity, guests created their own potpourri sachets at our Potpourri booth. The Fleurapy team had concocted two scents based on the virtues of ‘Scent of Adventure’ and ‘Laughter’.

– Pauline aka Fleurapist

November 19, 2016