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Fleurapy is a floral creative studio that specializes in venue styling and creative production. 

the mind

about fleurapy

At the heart of our design practice is the passion for storytelling. We believe that stories breathe life into designs; it has the power to touch hearts and nourish minds. 

We are a multi-disciplinary team of Fleurapists with backgrounds in art, graphic design, social work and architecture. 

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized experience for our clients who are looking for brave, original and thoughtful designs. Quite frankly, there is no craft or medium that we would not experiment with to push the boundaries in turning floral dreams to reality.

about the founder

You see, I’ve always loved books and movies. I loved a good story, loved being transported into a different world and experiencing a spectrum of emotions I never knew I had (hello tears, goodbye stone heart).

I remember my first sip of real nature. It was during a trek in Nepal where the rain had left the forest glistening. It made my heart sing, it made me dream. It left me thirsty for more nature-spiked experiences.

It was a beautiful collision of the two when Fleurapy opened its doors in 2014.  Flowers have a mind of their own and we are all about giving every arrangement a personality, an attitude.

xoxo, Pauline

our values

deeply personal

creative therapy

relentless experimentation

rooted humility

always home

deeply personal

We firmly believe that meaningful stories are at the heart of a good floral design and project. Thus we endeavour to go the distance in celebrating facets of your unique story in our work. A true bonus is when clients become friends for life.

creative therapy

Pushing the envelope of our creativity to engender a therapeutic effect with each Fleurapy product has grown to define our signature style and our aspiration.

relentless experimentation

There is no field of work we would not be curious about and open to exploring in our quest to bring innovation to our floral process. We dream about activating all senses all the time.

rooted humility

We stay rooted in the knowledge that Fleurapy will never be a perfect brand. We strive to always be adaptable to change, committed to progress and simply give our best each day.

always home

People always come first be they a client, fleurapist, part timer or collaborator. We’re here to foster an authentic and inclusive environment that one can call home – always.

meet the team

Our lovely team of fleurapists

Founder | Creative Director

Pauline is ground zero of this crazy dream-turned-reality, THE original Fleurapist. In 2014, she swapped her job in the advertising industry for something she could call her own, finding her calling in telling stories of the heart. Blood, sweat, tears and cable ties have got her where she is today. When stress levels run high, she remembers to bring in Molly, her Singapore Special, who acts as the therapy dog

Jia Ling

Managing Partner | Special Projects

Jialing is the Minister Mentor and captain of the Fleurapy cruise ship. As a banker, she has a naturally analytical and sharp mind. She puts those senses and sensibilities to good use, crunching numbers and making sure we stay on course. Most of all, it is her passion for collaboration and her penchant for fresh experiences that has influenced the modus operandi of Fleurapy today. And that is to co-create, with our partners and clients, work that inspires.

Ming Yan

Head of Retail | Florist

Mingyan is always on the look out for the freshest ingredients to go into your floral arrangements. Through her interactions, she strives to place the client at the heart of her work. In fact, her sunny and sincere disposition makes her the darling of the company and hence, our unofficial PR manager. You’ll know it’s her when 4pm comes around and you hear a joyful “Anybody wants tea?”


Head of Ops | Designer

Bridget is the chief shepherd of the Fleurapy crew. When she’s not busy keeping our flower factory well-oiled and running, she’s putting her mind to dreaming up the mechanics of our next installation. She thanks her mild OCD for bestowing on her an eye for detail and her architecture degree for refining that. Not one confined to normalcy, she welcomes the challenge of realizing any fantastical idea you have.

our services


When our corporate partners work with us, they are not ‘just’ getting a florist. We get our hands dirty with our clients from conception to completion. 

We do:

  • Event styling and installations
  • Creative fabrication and custom set builds
  • Bespoke gifting
  • Subscription flowers for public and private spaces

Whether it is an elope or an elaborate celebration, every floral arrangement is designed and executed with care. 

We do:

  • Personal flowers from bouquets to button holes, cars to crowns.
  • Venue styling and props
  • Flower arch and one-of-your-kind backdrop
Bespoke Gestures

Bespoke Gestures are more than ‘just’ a pretty bouquet. For the customer who wants a unique gift with no holds barred, the sky really is the limit.

We work with:

Fresh flowers | Plants | Dried and preserved flowers | Pressed flowers | Pens & Paints |